Trauma and Therapy – How Can I Move On?

What is Trauma?

Trauma is an individual’s response and experience of an event and the meaning that they make of it.  We are all unique and so one person’s response to the same traumatic event will be different from another’s.  When we experience an event that overwhelms us, takes us by surprise and is outside of our control this can have a profound effect on our psychological and physical wellbeing.  Trauma can be caused by an isolated event or can be a repetition of events endured over a period of time.

The symptoms of Trauma can make it difficult for an individual to function on a day to day basis and these can emerge soon after the event or sometime later. These can include:

  • Flashbacks.
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder:
    • Re-experiencing the trauma through flashbacks and nightmares.
    • Feeling numbed emotionally and avoiding places and people that are reminders of the trauma.
    • Difficulty sleeping due to increased arousal and feeling as if your body and mind are on red alert to potential danger.
  • Insomnia.
  • Physical ailments.
  • Dissociation.
  • Unable to connect to emotions.

If you are experiencing difficulties and feel that your ability to cope and function on a day to day basis is impaired then it is best to seek help.

How Can Therapy Help?

My approach to Trauma involves helping you to build a sense of trust and safety with me.  This feeling of trust is important in encouraging you to feel in control and able to express your wants and needs as we carry out our work together.  We will explore healthy coping mechanisms to empower you to feel safer in the world.  We help you to build your own resource by creating your own safe place for you to go to in times of stress when exploring the memory of your trauma. Through the here-and-now of our relationship we can explore what is going on for you, how this relates to the past and how it impacts you in the present.  This will involve exploring your feelings and bodily sensations in relation to your trauma whilst grounded in the present. 

The process of exploring your emotional experience of your trauma will enable you to grieve for what has happened to you and the impact it has had on your life and for the loss of your life before the event happened.  This will facilitate you in achieving a sense of resolution within yourself about what has happened and to integrate the experience into your life.

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