How I Work

I provide a confidential, safe, empathic and non-judgemental space for us to build a relationship of mutual trust, respect and understanding, so we can work together to empower you to grow and change.

Our first meeting will be an initial assessment to find out how I can help you and whether we can work together.  We will focus on what you want to change and together we will explore what you hope to achieve in our time together.  Our relationship is an important part of the therapeutic process and it is through our relationship that we can uncover patterns of thinking, feeling, behaving and create awareness of how these patterns may impact you and the way you relate in the present.

The number of sessions will be based upon what you feel you need. I offer both Counselling and Psychotherapy. The difference being that Counselling tends to be short to medium term working in the here-and-now with less complex issues. Psychotherapy is medium to long-term and involves working in greater depth with more deep rooted issues and patterns of relating from the past and therefore more complex issues. Both Counselling and Psychotherapy are closely related and are both ‘Talking Therapies’ they both involve the therapist walking alongside the client as an empathic, non-judgemental listener, supporting and empowering the client in making decisions for themselves about their life.